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Pi Lite

Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:06 pm

Having gotten Arch installed and working, whilst I still have some issues (and the Arch Arm wiki is nowhere near as comprehensive as the real Arch wiki), I'm confident I can solve most problems.

However, this has got me stumped. I have a Pi Lite hat, which with Raspbian is working a treat. For now, it's just a clock (comes in handy during these winter/early spring months when it's dark morning and evening but I need to know the time). To get it working on Raspbian I followed ... rix-board/.

So, to Arch Arm. We don't have raspi-config, and whilst I'm aware that everything that it does should be available via /boot/config.txt or /boot/cmdline.txt, I have no idea what I need to do for step 1 - disabling serial port login.

I've tried various permutations (please don't ask what - I had one of those two hour sessions trying all sorts without documenting anything) and I get diddly squat from the hat. Not even a flicker.

Because of other issues (which I'll get around to fixing) I'm back on Raspbian right now, but Arch has a snappiness to it that Raspbian doesn't, and so I'd like to make the switch, but I need my clock (or whatever else I use it for). minicom does nada.

Is there a fools guide anywhere to get it going? I'm blowed if I can find one.
Headless PI. OMG, someone cut it's head off. Oh, hang on. it didn't have one to start with.

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