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Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:52 pm

I'm using the latest arch image and I've configured the mpeg2 license I purchased. I'm trying to convert an mpeg2 recording to h264. I keep getting errors from ffmpeg and I'm wondering if the armv6h package is older or if packages don't yet exist:

1) audio code (-acodec) libfaac doesn't seem to be offered by any package that I can find in the default repositories. I'm trying to use just 'aac' in the meantime....

2) I'm using a preset file that is from mid-2011 ( ) so I'm not sure if it's wrong or out of date, but it has the option 'directpred=3'. ffmpeg gave an error, but I found that adding a hyphen resolved it: direct-pred=3.

3) Also from the preset file, ffmpeg gives an error about a missing constant or '(' on the flags2 option +wpred. I can't find any info on this or how to resolve it.

So, I'm looking for some general info about ffmpeg (and libfaac) in the Arch image: are these packages fairly current? Has anyone managed to convert mpeg2 to h264 using Arch on Pi? It seems that handbrake-cli is another option for this (and seemingly simpler) but that package isn't in the repositories for armv6h. I've used handbrake-cli on a Pogoplug with Arch, but it's simple arm, not armv6h. Are there any intentions of putting handbrake-cli in the repos for Pi?

My specific situation: I'm recording an mpeg2 stream from an HDHomeRun tuner. I need to convert it to h264/aac (not in real-time) so I can play it on a Roku.



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Re: ffmpeg

Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:20 pm

Since these all are available for other ArchLinux distributions, it may be a matter of whether the person doing the Alarm packages has gotten around to doing them for v6h. ... brake-cli/

I see that ffmpeg is available in arm6vh, and handbrake-cli is in the soft float community directory but not the armv6h, so since it is in the soft float repository, a request to get it added should make it happen.

I do not see libfaac in the soft float repository.

Hopefully Pepedog or someone else who knows about making requests at github will be around shortly to comment.
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Re: ffmpeg

Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:26 am

Our builder guy has a lot on his hands, ideally he would like someone to tackle and solve using abs or aur or
Once there is a soloution, to pull, modify and then push.
There is only a smattering of things that didn't build for v6hf might be a more informal way of discussing about why packages missing

I'm pretty sure libfaac came with tegra blobs on my trimslice, btw
Would mencoder be able to do what you want?

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Re: ffmpeg

Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:03 am

I've looked at mencoder some, but haven't tried yet. The Roku example I found split out the audio and converted it separately, then used 2 mencoder calls to convert the video, then merged the audio and video back together. This is way more complex than I want to mess with. I feel like I need to be a codec expert just to begin to understand the myriad of options to set. handbrake-cli was much simpler in this respect and I got it to work on my pogoplug where ffmpeg would eventually error out. I'm hoping the hardware x264 and mpeg2 encoder/decoder will make the RPi much quicker at transcoding.

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