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init not found

Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:22 pm

I get this error while booting everytime without fail. Used remix 14 r1.

the console says to use init= in config.

I am using a 4GB Sandisk class 4 card (listed as working on the wiki). Have re-imaged the SD card over 10 times using different imaging programs (including the fedora one).

Anyone elsr have this issue? Is it possible to insert the "init=" command in a config file to make it work? (And where would the file location be?)

I do suspect I may also have a hardware dud either being the SD card or the Pi, as this OS along with Raspbmc (can't load/find pid error), Debian (won't boot/display), and arch linux (same as debian). But hope there is a fix.

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