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Fedora 24

Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:59 pm

My first post here, so sorry if it's a stupid question.
I have create a Pi3 SD card with Fedora 24 LXDE spin using the Fedora Project instructions https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi. Everything went well, except when the Pi booted to the install screen, neither the keyboard or mouse worked. Rebooted the Pi on Raspbian, both worked fine.
Rebuilt the SD with the LXDE spin, then the Xfce spin both the same, no keyboard and mouse.
I have read the posts and will try the fed berry test build, but I so close I would like to get the LXDE spin working.
So any suggestions as to how to make the keyboard and mouse work.


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Re: Fedora 24

Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:20 am

So I have had chance to work on this, mainly by trail and error. I used the LXDE image, as its smaller on a Rpi3

The Fedora instructions (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi are fine, but I had to make the following amendments.

When I created the partitions, the boot partition (1) at 128Mb was too small. There was no issue with the size for the initial installation, however if you do

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dnf upgrade
, then 128Mb is not enough. I setup a 1Gb partition instead.

When populating the boot partition from the RPi firmware make sure the modules are the latest. I initially tried with version 4.4.17, which may have been the cursed of the mouse and keyboard issue. However when I tried again with version 4.4.21, both the mouse and keyboard worked.

The fedora image didn't enable WiFi, but I downloaded and copied the sdio drivers

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(both bin and txt files) to

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Now Fedora booted to the Initial setup GUI (if you end up in emergency mode, check fstab file, I'd made a typo).

I still problems with the GUI, in that sometimes it would response to a click on Done, when configuring the Network and Hostname. I found that if I configured network and hostname first, and wait for it to report as connected, then if a click on Done didn't return to the initial screen, just remove the power and reboot. The network configuration is saved and shown as completed on the initial screen.
Complete the other section and click finish, the Rpi reboots into Fedora.

Note: The default keyboard is US, so I just had to watch that I typing the equivalent key on my UK keyboard.

Hope this helps some people

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