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Connecting with a Windows Workgroup Network

Thu May 07, 2015 10:53 pm

Fedora 21 mate on a Rsp2B - Is Samba pre-loaded on this Fedora? The Network menu sees a Windows network but it is inaccessible. I am not finding any place to assign the workgroup name.

I have been working with Raspbian for a couple of weeks and thought I would try Fedora. I have used Linux before on PCs and usually there are menu selections to set up networking. I know Raspbian did not have that. I am not finding it on Fedora.

It would be fine if only the Win PCs saw the Rasp Pi on Fedora if not the Rasp Pi seeing the Win PCs.

The Rsp2B is connected by network cable to the workgroup's network. Internet works.

Any help appreciated.


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