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yum update wrecks the SD card

Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:48 pm

I've run into a problem where my SD card seems to have been corrupted through the normal process of updating.

Just for reference, I'm not writing to the card a lot -- I've got the system configured so that the SD card is used for boot and OS load, but not for permanent storage (permanent storage is on a USB drive). the OS is configured so that all of the subdirectories that normally get written to, and are prone to cause SD card wear-out, are placed on a temporary file system.

The card works fine, without a glitch -- until I try to do a backup by putting the SD card into a linux box and using dd:

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set `date +%m" "%y" "%d`
dd if=/dev/sdc conv=noerror | gzip > /home/<username>/Documents/raspi-backup-$year-$month-$day-2.gz
the dd process always fails by issuing read errors from the SD card. what's odd is that I can format the SD card and it will pass the read/write tests in a linux box without any problems. I only encounter the problem when I re-deploy the card as an OS disk for raspbian or pidora and stick it into my B+.

I'm wondering if I might have a firmware problem. @gsh mentioned that there was once a firmware bug in raspbian that caused this problem in an older thread: ... 28&t=61623

I'm wondering if the firmware problem still exists in pidora even though it's reportedly been fixed in raspbian. I'm also wondering what else might be responsible for the problem, or how to fix it. As far as I can tell, the SD card tests/works just fine when it's not loaded with pi software and in the pi -- it works fine in a linux box and this seems to be a pi-specific problem.


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