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Problem with vsftpd - "553 Could not create file"

Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:21 am

Hi all,

Does anyone have any thoughts on why I can't ftp a file to my Pi using vsftpd?

I can browse folders, ftp files off the Pi but when I try to ftp to the Pi I get a response: "553 Could not create file, critical file transfer error"

I'm running the Rasbian Wheezy O/S, probably from one of the first releases as it was a few months ago that I downloaded it.

I've modified vsftpd.conf to set write_enable = yes & local_enable = yes, I can't see any other areas of the config that might be preventing writes.

I've tried the latest version of filezilla on my win7 machine, and "ftp" from the win7 command line - both fail in the same way so I think it's somethign with vsftpd or the Pi / O/S.

I'm trying to test the first PiXi-200 prototype (please see my other posts if you're interested) and need a means of getting an FPGA configuration file into /home without logging in to the Pi itself. FTP seemed the easiest way of doing this... I know vsftpd should work but i'm Linux novice so I'm going to plead ignorance here and shout for help

Many thanks,


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