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Carl9170 external antenna not reconnecting automatically

Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:19 am

I'm using my pi 3b with raspbian to be a wireless repeater.
I'm using an external tp-link carl9170-based antenna to be the station and the built-in wireless chip to be the AP.
It works fine, but sometimes the station randomly deauthenticates (no wpa_supplicant, it's an open network) and doesn't reauthenticate until I manually unplug and replug it.

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[1654.664254] wlan1: deauthenticated from hi:DD:en:bs:si:dd (Reason: 17241=<unknown>)

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root@pi:/home/pi# cat /etc/network/interfaces.d/n
allow-hotplug wlan1
auto wlan1
iface wlan1 inet dhcp
        wireless-essid myessid
        wireless-mode managed
Feel free to ask for more details.
Everything is updated.

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