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Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:51 am

Not sure where to put this, so i will put it here.
I am following the freedombox-project for a while now, and do the best i can to get my head into it.
Earlier i tried to install ownloud on the raspberry pi, with Debian Squeeze, and as far i see it seems to work fine. I access it locally only. I am not an expert, rather a beginner, so not sure if it is a good idea. All i did was untar it and put it to /var/www/content, added a username/password and entered the mysql-password.

After i was able to solve the problems to get apache2 started, i also installed wordpress and scuttle, both without any further problems too. gitolite is running for a while now. Else i use the raspberry to play music via xmms2.

Oh, i tried to install citadel in VirtualBox once, but failed to get it running. Would love to be able to.

I plan to move i2p, tor and privoxy to the raspberry too. I think i found a how-to at irongeek (for i2p).

Anyone has got tips about similar applications/services which run well but without too much problems?

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Re: owncloud

Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:39 am

You mentioned you'd like to get Citadel running on your Pi - this may help: ... pberry-pi/

Just for good measure, here's a tutorial for installing OwnCloud and some configuration tips, for anyone reading this who would like to try it. I'm aware that someone has made a pre-built image for OwnCloud on the Pi, but I think it's best to do it yourself so you understand what's going on: ... pberry-pi/


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