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What am i missing? video and audio playback issues

Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:03 pm

ive been messing with various iterations of raspbian over the weekend (mainly due to wifi problems of all sorts, i now have working wifi as long as i dont startx) but even after installing what i think is all the codecs etc and getting audio working via the headphone output i still cant get playback of media in a reasonable fashion. mp3 files play but constantly skip and are very slow regardless of the player and video just doesnt play at all, i overclocked the cpu and memory but only saw a slight improvement in mp3 playback, video was still a no go, so i put it down to drivers and os not being fully perfected yet.

but then i installed openELEC on another card, it plays mp3s, xvids and even 720p mkv files without skipping a beat, so what have i been missing all weekend? there must be something i can do to improve media playback under raspbian (or in short why is openELEC so much faster?)

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