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Lesson Plan and Resources for rPi short course

Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:18 am

Just wondering if anyone out there has put together a lesson plan for an "Introduction to Raspberry Pi's" they'd be willing to share?
I'm trying to put together a short course proposal but there are a number of variables I'm not sure how to implement best. e.g.
1.) What hardware to provide. Do I include a starter kit in the course price for students to take away after the course? Do you invest in re-usable starter kits for students to use?
2.) Do I try and find a facility that has PC's (screen/keyboard) to use or do I get this myself or get the green rPi learning laptops?
3.) Class split. Do I run it a couple of weekend workshops, 2 hours per week for 6 or 8 weeks or a one off full day master class?
4.) Maximum people per class
5.) Level/Prerequisites I should ask of the students? i.e. do I open it up to absolutely everyone or ask they have a "little" bit of coding experience to start with. Also, target kids (age range) or curious adults?

I'd be interested in what people have tried and what seems to work best (and is most stress-free!).

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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Re: Lesson Plan and Resources for rPi short course

Thu May 03, 2018 4:17 am

I have developed a three part Raspberry Pi course . The course has both student and assessor materials and is intended to be be delivered in an flexible style. It is is targeted at the Certification level qualifications and can be used as a skill set of a full ICT qualification.

The competencies used are the following:

1. Raspberry Pi Fundamentals
2. Raspberry Pi Installation and Configuration
3. Raspberry Pi Programming

It has been created under the Creative Commons license and can be freely downloaded at It is in the Courseware section.

Please use it and enjoy.

regards Tony Duffy

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