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Python Programming Challenge

Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:59 am

Hi All!

Just received my Raspberry Pi a few days ago! Love it and I'm really enjoying the challenge. I teach LEGO Robotics, Multimedia Gaming (programming, design, sound effect creation) and bit of electronics.

Just thought I'd give people the heads up regarding the University in Sydney that runs the Python programming challenge for students.


It's a great initiative and combined with the Raspberry Pi I'm hoping to run sessions with my students.

Look forward to sharing and posting my teaching experience with the RPi!



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Re: Python Programming Challenge

Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:45 pm

Hi ,
Thanks for bringing this link to my attention http://ncss.edu.au/
I was really pleased to see that the NCSS has a "Girls Programming Network"
Do they publish past challenges and solutions ... or is it only participants who obtain feedback.
I have just fired up a series of modestly priced workshops ... http://www.absolutebeginners.co.uk
In these hard economic times I know that it will be very difficult for teachers to obtain funding for professional level training.
I would love to fire up a RaspberryPi with Python and a RaspberryPi with LUA programming competition ... any thoughts or ideas you might have would be of much interest ...
As always the most difficult part is pitching the challenge correctly at the right level .. and devising a challenge that is resistant to a "find the answer on Google" approach and requires some originality of thought and creativity.
With a "science hat" on I have had ideas for projects involving the construction of "scientific instruments" ... e.g. a simple spectrophotometer ... however sourcing suitable components at an affordable price is difficult ... So, if you know of any scientific equipment manufacturers who might
be interested in providing suitable priced basic components do please let me know.
[emails: awe@ftt.co.uk, andrew.eliasz@gmail.com]

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