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Re: Any plans for a BloodhoundSSC style education programme?

Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:36 pm

As above really.
The Bloodhound team seem to be making good progress in engaging schools and their students with their STEM subjects based projects tied into the record attempt.
If Raspberry Pi could learn something from them in getting their message into schools and creating support programmes for teachers, (and maybe their Ambassador programme too?) then I suspect it wouldn't do your cause any harm at all! :)
There are so many different angles that could be used from the basics of how a computer works, to design principles and construction techniques, on up to programming and development of new uses for them. So that if you didn't engage a student in the idea of programming you might send them off down the course of engineering or electronic design or even just plant the seed that means later on in life they'll think of using a computer for more than playing games and email!
Maybe you could even link up with Bloodhound and do a double header ambassador day with an engineering type and a computing type? Design a computerised control system for a supersonic car type of thing? (Cosworth are designing their system I believe)
It was just a thought as I can see that your goals are very similar in destination.

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Re: Any plans for a BloodhoundSSC style education programme?

Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:20 am

I am surprised there has been no follow up on this suggestion.  Surely it would be good publicity for BOTH of these projects to have some sort of overlap.  Is there not a role for a tiny, low power, light weight logging system that could be built from a pi ?

Each project independently is designed (in part at least) to inspire kids, so why not link up ?


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