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Arcade Console that Loads Student Created Games

Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:01 pm

Hi All!

I'm hoping for some help and guidance on writing Python code to create an arcade gaming console that students can play games that they've made in Scratch. My vision is that it would have a home screen where they can select the different games (which would be displayed by some game artwork that the students have created, I'm thinking something like an old NES cartridge box). When the game is selected it would load the Scratch game's URL and do a screen capture and zoom on the Scratch program window, so students would get a full screen experience. Finally, I would like there to be an exit button that loads back to the game selection screen.

My vision for this project...
I would work with students to prototype a console by having them construct a cardboard enclosure around a monitor and decorate it with paint and possibly some artwork made with a vinyl cutter in the makerspace. The finished project would be a console similar to the ones shown in Magpi issue 63 ... -magpi-63/.

We would house the arcade console in the student cafeteria to build student ownership and advertise for the cool projects we do in the school makerspace.

Thank you in advance for any insights and assistance you can provide!

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