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LiV Pi used for teaching general Linux and programming

Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:56 am


I am looking for technical educators willing to use LiV Pi for teaching general Linux and software programming skills.
LiV Pi is a Raspberry Pi, open source, indoor air quality monitor:

LiV Pi is more than an internet connected device. It is also a great learning tool: building LiV Pi means setting up a Linux device (IP addresses, testing sensors and hardware clock, configuring Instant Messaging, email reporting, adding some custom Python code, configuring channels on various IoT platforms, etc…)

I recently started using LiV Pi to teach general concepts about computer architecture, hardware, sensors, software stack, kernel, multitasking, networking, etc…

I am interested to get in touch with educators who would like to use LiV Pi in their class.
I would be happy to get in touch with some maker/hacker spaces offering Linux and Python classes to local communities.
I think LiV Pi could make a good learning tool for vocational training and I would be interested to find out any opinions on this.

I have put together a draft about the possible structure of a LiV Pi Workshop. This is just a proposal. I think the instructor of such a workshop should design his own format that best addresses the needs of the students.
http://liv-pi-forum.1124721.n5.nabble.c ... p-f84.html

Please let me know if you are interested in this.


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