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Re: Putting together a Club for Raspberry Pi

Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:47 am

Very excited about Raspberry Pi. Planning on running an after school program to encourage kids to get evolved. My background, I'm a hardware engineer who had the opportunity to spend all his waking hours at the age of 15 working on the 1st computer under $10,000 back in the 60's. I have been running computer classes for kids for the last 5 years encouraging kids with and linux etc.

We definitely need schematics for any peripheral connections we can make to the Raspberry Pi, but we also need drivers to be able to access that hardware. Getting my kids to write linux drivers isn't going to happen just yet.

I have my eye on a $49 DVD player with a composite video input and battery subsystem I'm planning on ripping the DVD drive out of. Will make a great display and case for one of my Raspberry Pi's when they are available.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi team for all their hard work if there is anything I can do as a hardware person on the other side of the pond please don't hesitate to contact me! Need any beta testers? I have some time on my hands!


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