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by sarahr » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:56 am
Hi, there -

Has anyone attempted to use the R package (http://www.r-project.org/), or RQDA within R (http://rqda.r-forge.r-project.org/), on the rPi?
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by elatllat » Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:45 pm
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apt-get install r-recommended

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apt-cache search R | grep -iP "^r-"
r-base - GNU R statistical computation and graphics system
r-base-core - GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system
r-base-core-dbg - GNU R debug symbols for statistical comp. language and environment
r-base-dev - GNU R installation of auxiliary GNU R packages
r-base-html - GNU R html docs for statistical computing system functions
r-bioc-biobase - base functions for Bioconductor
r-bioc-biocgenerics - generic functions for Bioconductor
r-bioc-cummerbund - tool for analysis of Cufflinks RNA-Seq output
r-bioc-edger - Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data in R
r-bioc-hilbertvis - GNU R package to visualise long vector data
r-bioc-limma - linear models for microarray data
r-bioc-qvalue - GNU R package for Q-value estimation for FDR control
r-cran-abind - GNU R abind multi-dimensional array combination function
r-cran-amelia - GNU R package supporting multiple imputation of missing data
r-cran-amore - GNU R: A MORE flexible neural network package
r-cran-bayesm - GNU R package for Bayesian inference
r-cran-bitops - GNU R package implementing bitwise operations
r-cran-boot - GNU R package for bootstrapping functions from Davison and Hinkley
r-cran-cairodevice - GNU R Cairo/Gtk2 device driver package
r-cran-car - GNU R Companion to Applied Regression by John Fox
r-cran-catools - GNU R package providing various utility functions
r-cran-chron - GNU R package for chronologically ordered objects
r-cran-class - GNU R package for classification
r-cran-cluster - GNU R package for cluster analysis by Rousseeuw et al
r-cran-coda - Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC simulations in R
r-cran-codetools - GNU R package providing code analysis tools
r-cran-colorspace - GNU R Color Space Manipulation
r-cran-combinat - GNU R package with utilities for combinatorics
r-cran-date - GNU R package for date handling
r-cran-dbi - GNU R package providing a generic database interface
r-cran-deal - Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
r-cran-diagnosismed - medical diagnostic test accuracy analysis toolkit
r-cran-digest - GNU R package for 'hash digest' of R data structures
r-cran-domc - GNU R parallel excution backend for %dopar% using multicore
r-cran-dosnow - GNU R parallel excution backend for %dopar% using snow
r-cran-eco - GNU R routines for Bayesian ecological inference
r-cran-effects - GNU R graphical and tabular effects display for glm models
r-cran-epi - GNU R epidemiological analysis
r-cran-epibasix - GNU R Elementary Epidemiological Functions
r-cran-epicalc - GNU R Epidemiological calculator
r-cran-epir - GNU R Functions for analysing epidemiological data
r-cran-epitools - GNU R Epidemiology Tools for Data and Graphics
r-cran-erm - GNU R package for 'extended Rasch modelling'
r-cran-evd - GNU R Functions for extreme value distributions
r-cran-fasianoptions - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fAsianOptions
r-cran-fassets - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fAssets
r-cran-fbasics - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fBasics
r-cran-fbonds - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fBonds
r-cran-fcopulae - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fCopulae
r-cran-fecofin - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fEcofin
r-cran-fexoticoptions - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fExoticOptions
r-cran-fextremes - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fExtremes
r-cran-fgarch - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fGarch
r-cran-fimport - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fImport
r-cran-fmultivar - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fMultivar
r-cran-fnonlinear - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fNonlinear
r-cran-foptions - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fOptions
r-cran-foreach - GNU R foreach looping support
r-cran-foreign - GNU R package to read/write data from other stat. systems
r-cran-fportfolio - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fPortfolio
r-cran-fregression - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fRegression
r-cran-ftrading - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fTrading
r-cran-funitroots - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fUnitRoots
r-cran-g.data - GNU R package for delayed-data
r-cran-gam - Generalized Additive Models for R
r-cran-gdata - GNU R package with data manipulation tools by Greg Warnes et al
r-cran-genabel - GNU R package for genome-wide SNP association analysis
r-cran-genetics - GNU R package for population genetics
r-cran-getopt - GNU R package providing command-line parsing functionality
r-cran-ggplot2 - implementation of the Grammar of Graphics
r-cran-gmaps - GNU R support for producing geographic maps with grid graphics
r-cran-gmodels - GNU R package with tools for model fitting by Greg Warnes et al
r-cran-gplots - GNU R package with tools for plotting data by Greg Warnes et al
r-cran-gregmisc - GNU R package with miscellaneous functions by Greg Warnes et al
r-cran-gtools - GNU R package with R programming tools by Greg Warnes et al
r-cran-haplo.stats - GNU R package for haplotype analysis
r-cran-hdf5 - GNU R package interfacing the NCSA HDF5 library
r-cran-hmisc - GNU R miscellaneous functions by Frank Harrell
r-cran-inline - GNU R package to inline C, C++, Fortran functions from R
r-cran-int64 - GNU R package 64 bit integer types
r-cran-iterators - GNU R iterator support for vectors, lists and other containers
r-cran-its - GNU R package for handling irregular time series
r-cran-kernsmooth - GNU R package for kernel smoothing and density estimation
r-cran-lattice - GNU R package for 'Trellis' graphics
r-cran-latticeextra - GNU R package of additional graphical displays based on lattice
r-cran-lme4 - GNU R package for linear mixed effects model fitting
r-cran-lmtest - GNU R package for diagnostic checking in linear models
r-cran-lpsolve - GNU R package providing linear program solvers
r-cran-mapdata - GNU R support for producing geographic maps (supplemental data)
r-cran-mapproj - GNU R support for cartographic projections of map data
r-cran-maps - GNU R support for producing geographic maps
r-cran-mass - GNU R package of Venables and Ripley's MASS
r-cran-matchit - GNU R package of nonparametric matching methods
r-cran-matrix - GNU R package of classes for dense and sparse matrices
r-cran-mcmcpack - R routines for Markov chain Monte Carlo model estimation
r-cran-medadherence - GNU R Medication Adherence: Commonly Used Definitions
r-cran-mgcv - GNU R package for multiple parameter smoothing estimation
r-cran-misc3d - GNU R collection of 3d plot functions and rgl-based isosurfaces
r-cran-mnormt - GNU R package providing multivariate normal and t distribution
r-cran-mnp - GNU R package for fitting multinomial probit (MNP) models
r-cran-msm - GNU R Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time
r-cran-multcomp - GNU R package for multiple comparison procedures
r-cran-multicore - GNU R parallel processing on multi-core or multi-cpu machines
r-cran-mvtnorm - GNU R package to compute multivariate Normal and T distributions
r-cran-nlme - GNU R package for (non-)linear mixed effects models
r-cran-nnet - GNU R package for feed-forward neural networks
r-cran-nws - GNU R package for distributed programming via NetWorkSpaces
r-cran-permute - R functions for generating restricted permutations of data
r-cran-plotrix - GNU R package providing various plotting functions
r-cran-plyr - Tools for splitting, applying and combining data
r-cran-polspline - GNU R package providing polynomial spline fitting
r-cran-proto - Prototype object-based programming
r-cran-pscl - GNU R package for discrete data models
r-cran-psy - GNU R procedures for psychometrics
r-cran-pvclust - Hierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap
r-cran-qtl - GNU R package for genetic marker linkage analysis
r-cran-quadprog - GNU R package for solving quadratic programming problems
r-cran-qvalue - GNU R package for Q-value estimation for FDR control
r-cran-randomforest - GNU R package implementing the random forest classificator
r-cran-raschsampler - GNU R package for sampling binary matrices with fixed margins
r-cran-rcmdr - GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI
r-cran-rcolorbrewer - GNU R package providing suitable color palettes
r-cran-rcpp - GNU R package for Seamless R and C++ Integration
r-cran-relimp - GNU R package for inference on relative importance of regressors
r-cran-reshape - Flexibly reshape data
r-cran-reshape2 - Flexibly reshape data: a reboot of the reshape package
r-cran-rggobi - GNU R package for the GGobi data visualization system
r-cran-rgl - GNU R package for three-dimensional visualisation using OpenGL
r-cran-rglpk - GNU R interface to the GNU Linear Programing Kit
r-cran-rgtk2 - GNU R binding for Gtk2
r-cran-rjags - R interface to the JAGS Bayesian statistics package
r-cran-rjava - GNU R low-level interface to Java
r-cran-rmpi - GNU R package interfacing MPI libraries for distributed computing
r-cran-rms - GNU R regression modeling strategies by Frank Harrell
r-cran-rmysql - GNU R package providing a DBI-compliant interface to MySQL
r-cran-robustbase - GNU R package providing basic robust statistics
r-cran-rocr - GNU R package to prepare and display ROC curves
r-cran-rodbc - GNU R package for ODBC database access
r-cran-rpart - GNU R package for recursive partitioning and regression trees
r-cran-rpvm - GNU R package interfacing PVM libraries for distributed computing
r-cran-rquantlib - GNU R package interfacing the QuantLib finance library
r-cran-rserve - GNU R Rserve tcp/ip server and sample clients
r-cran-rsprng - GNU R interface to SPRNG (Scalable Parallel RNGs)
r-cran-rsqlite - Database Interface R driver for SQLite
r-cran-rsymphony - GNU R interface to the SYMPHONY MILP solver
r-cran-runit - GNU R package providing unit testing framework
r-cran-sandwich - GNU R package for model-robust standard error estimates
r-cran-scatterplot3d - GNU R package for Visualizing Multivariate Data
r-cran-slam - GNU R sparse lighweight arrays and matrices package
r-cran-sm - GNU R package for kernel smoothing methods
r-cran-sn - GNU R package providing skew-normal and skew-t distributions
r-cran-snow - GNU R package for 'simple network of workstations'
r-cran-sp - GNU R classes and methods for spatial data
r-cran-spatial - GNU R package for spatial statistics
r-cran-spc - GNU R Statistical Process Control
r-cran-stabledist - GNU R package for stable distribution functions
r-cran-stringr - Make it easier to work with strings
r-cran-strucchange - GNU R package for structural change regression estimation
r-cran-survival - GNU R package for survival analysis
r-cran-teachingdemos - GNU R Demonstrations for teaching and learning
r-cran-timedate - GNU R package for financial engineering -- timeDate
r-cran-timeseries - GNU R package for financial engineering -- timeSeries
r-cran-tkrplot - GNU R embedded Tk plotting device package
r-cran-tseries - GNU R package for time-series analysis and comp. finance
r-cran-urca - GNU R package providing unit root and cointegration tests
r-cran-vcd - GNU R Visualizing Categorical Data
r-cran-vegan - Community Ecology Package for R
r-cran-vgam - GNU R package for estimating vector generalized additive models
r-cran-xml - GNU R package for XML parsing and generation
r-cran-xtable - GNU R coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables
r-cran-zelig - GNU R package providing a unified front-end for estimating statistical models
r-cran-zoo - GNU R package for totally ordered indexed observations
r-doc-html - GNU R html manuals for statistical computing system
r-doc-info - GNU R info manuals statistical computing system
r-doc-pdf - GNU R pdf manuals for statistical computing system
r-mathlib - GNU R standalone mathematics library
r-other-bio3d - GNU R package for biological structure analysis
r-other-mott-happy - GNU R package for fine-mapping complex diseases
r-other-rot - GNU R package of few tools needed by OpenTURNS
r-recommended - GNU R collection of recommended packages [metapackage]
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by jagoda » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:36 pm
I run R on other platforms ... and, apart from resource and size issues it should be possible to run it on an embedded ARM platform ...
You may have to build it from source thought ... unless there is an Ubuntu port for the ARM already available.
If you want the RaspberryPi to emit "data in pretty plots" ... have you thought of getting the data formatting and "pretty visualisation" done on the browser side using e.g. D3 ?
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by wobblestar5 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:13 pm
I have successfully run R - by installing RKWARD. Doesn't run very fast :-)
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