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CAS Conference 2012

Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:57 am

Just back from the Computing at School Teachers' Conference in Birmingham. It was excellent as usual - a chance to see what everyone else is doing at the forefront of computing and ICT education; help shape the teaching and development of these subjects; and get to see stuff that you normally wouldn't -- Dave Cliff's talk on Replacing City Traders with Robots was just superb. (Last year Tony Hoare and Steve Furber both gave talks, it really does make all other CPD look a bit rubbish :))

Raspberry Pi was well represented: Alan Mycroft (one of the Foundation trustees) demoed the RasPi and and also gave a plenary on how and why it came to be. There was also a workshop* on the Raspberry Pi User Guide where you could sign up to 'field test' the manual with your pupils to help polish the final version.

Anyone else go?

*I have to agree with Alexi Sayle here that anyone who uses the word 'workshop' outside of light engineering is a t**t. But that's what they call them ;)

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