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Raspberry Pi and Educational Films

Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:33 pm

Hi All,

Whilst waiting for my Pi to arrive, I'm studying for an MA in documentary production and as part of the course have to undertake a research project examining some aspect of documentary practice or its uses.

I used to be a physicist at the LHC in a past life (real, not regressed) and did some science communication work in secondary schools as part of that job. I'd like to continue some semblance of that work with documentaries and the educational potential of the Pi has given me an idea of how to do this as part of my aforementioned research project.

I remember from my schooldays whenever we were shown a film in science lessons it was (probably) largely designed to dull our senses and keep us quiet and didn't have a huge amount of relevance to the things we were studying. Looking around the web today I haven't found many educational resources that marry together practical teaching, film and relevance to the wider world. (Please, correct me if I'm wrong here.)

So I'm starting to research an idea about creating web based documentaries to accompany specific classroom projects with the Pi. For example, I'm imagining a project webpage with details of the project (e.g. Andrew Back's project to pick up the atomic clock signal) and on that webpage there'd be a documentary film exploring real life applications of that project (in the case of the atomic clock it could be about the definition of a second, how the NPL generates the signal and people and places that need really accurate time information) and a video tutorial showing in detail how to construct the project, mechanically and code-wise.

The aim of the doc would be to give context to the classroom project and to inspire and motivate pupils by showing them that there are directly relevant and exciting real life applications for the topics they'd be studying and learning with the Pi projects. The aim of the tutorial would be to guide teachers through each step and be particularly aimed at schools where there may not be sufficient expertise to teach such projects.

Now at the moment I don't have much of an idea about how the Pi is going to be adopted and taught in classrooms throughout the UK but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts, ideas, suggestions and criticisms on trying to package up films and practical projects in this manner.

Thanks All for your time,


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