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Help with Server / Live-Streaming Audio

Thu May 10, 2018 9:25 am

Hello everybody :)

Finally I have my first "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B" and so far everything is set up and now I want to make good use of it.
But I am a real noob :? when it comes to Linux and things. So the setup was good and I got everything going including synaptic.

So now for my project.

1. I want to constantly live-stream audio-input from one or two mono-sources i.e. inputs/microphones into the web.

2. The set-up is not running at a home environment. I need to broadcast the signal myself somehow or ask one of the surrounding
citizens for support and access to a wifi.

3. The setup is just one constant live-survey like a webcam. If the power of the RasPi is high enough I would think of adding video
to the stream or I'd try to also show a spectrogram from audacity (or anything else here?).
But at first Audio would be more than useful.

4. the ultimate nice-to-have feature would be a remote control to one of the attached audio devices.
Right now I am controlling the Device with Control-Voltage that could be (easily?) also come from the raspberry I guess

Now I am reading Tutorials all over and try to grasp & grab the bits and pieces that I need for my project.
Mostly there are Baby-CamTutorials in the Field of Streaming. But for me it's quite hard to understand the various methods used.

From what I get so far what I have to do is:

1. Get a proper Audio-ADC-HAT to complement the Pi 3 B and get it installed
2. Set-Up a save streaming server and have it constantly broadcast the ADCs-Inputs
3. Build a small Webpage to integrate the stream alongside some news (that's the easiest :P )
3. Get the stream out there. - but don't quite know how :?
4. Attach the RasPi Pins (If there are any left when adding an Audio-HAT) to the CV-Circuit and have a simple Two-Button-Control.

If there is anyone interested to help with the project or can give me a few directions where to look at or clarify some of my thoughts how to go about it... Any help is more then welcome and highly appreciated. :roll:

So again. Hello to everybody here :) and have a great week !

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Re: Help with Server / Live-Streaming Audio

Wed May 16, 2018 1:07 pm

Have a look at this: https://www.linux-projects.org/uv4l/installation/

It's an easy to use audio/video streaming that works with browsers that support WebRTC.

Most of the demos shows audio/video streaming but there is one that shows using 'WebRTC Data Channels' which can be used, for example, the remote control of servos.

Demos: https://www.linux-projects.org/demos/

You could also use a USB mic or two.

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