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Doubt in Keyboard+Touchpad: Laptopmate or EAPPLY?

Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:51 am


I'm thinking of acquiring one of these two keyboard+touchpad sets:

AK-98UNTN7-UBRII Laptopmate RII Touch N7 Mini Wireless Keyboard with touchpad


EBO-013 Wireless 2.4GHz compact keyboard with touchpad. Rated <40mA works directly from Pi. eBay ref 260962010276 from Shenzen, China.

Both of them are listed in the compatibility list as suitable for the Raspberry Pi. I've searched information on both of them, and the last one looks cheaper, but I'm unsure if the battery lasts for much time, as it says a standby time of 80 hours. So, I'm more interested in the first one. My doubt is if the Laptopmate can work without a powered HUB. Could anyone of you solve me this doubt?

Many thanks!


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Re: Doubt in Keyboard+Touchpad: Laptopmate or EAPPLY?

Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:36 pm

I saw that "AK-98UNTN7-UBRII Laptopmate RII" at Amazon. And also another one, the "FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard". However, both have their touchpad at a weird place next to the keyboard or in the middle of the keyboard. That doesn't seem very convenient when typing (although typing at such small devices might not be convenient at all ;) )

So I was thinking about buying the "EBO-013 Wireless 2.4GHz compact keyboard with touchpad" for my Raspberry Pi, just on basis the layout of the keyboard (with the touchpad not in the way).
I have no idea about the battery life....
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