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Printer for variety of tasks

Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:42 pm

I'm looking to buy a printer which is able to print A4 and A5 duplex (double sided). The printer should have two trays lets say tray 1 (multipurpose feeder - to hold A5 paper) and tray 2 (to hold A4 paper).

I heard that HP printers work best with Raspberry Pi, however, I bought one the other day with the assumption that it will do double-sided printing for both A4 and A5 but actually only A4 was automatic duplex and A5 was manual duplex which I never heard of before.

Anyway, I also had tried Lexmark but the A5 was not doing duplex at all and I also bought Samsung printer which was too new that drivers are not even available and I can't do much through CUPS.

I'm annoyed with this task, therefore, I want to ask you guys what do you recommend? (My budget is up to £200)


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