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A stronger stepper motor able to move heavier stuff

Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:53 pm

Hi guys!
I just created a car parking system using Raspberry Pi 3, a button, a small termic printer, a stepper motor, a ultrasonic distance sensor and a webcam as a barcode reader.
At the moment it's in a very small scale.
Actually it controls only the access of the hot wheels cars of my kids into our parking area under their beds. :-)
Another problem is that the payment is done exclusively with Monopoly banknotes. :-/
But it is indeed a very complete system.

Of course it was thought to be a prototype and now we found the time to make it in a 1:1 scale.
Everything can be easily transposed, but the pivotant car barrier.
Today we're using a plastic straw connected to a stepper motor (28BYJ-48 5V).
Unfortunatelly we can't stop a real car with a plastic straw, so we need something more robust. ;-)
I'd like to use a barrier (with more or less 1.5 Kg) connected to a more stronger stepper motor that can hold this weight.
So finally the question:

Which motor I could use for that and what kind of driver would be needed?

Many thanks in advance!

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