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UHF RFID Reader/Writer with Raspberry Pi 3 using USB

Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:31 pm

I'm trying to purchase an Ultra High Frequency (902-928MHz) RFID Reader/Writer. Right now, I'm using a Technology Solutions 1153 UHF Bluetooth RFID Reader/Writer ( ... id-reader/) connected to the Raspberry Pi.

However, we'd like a UHF RFID reader/writer that can connect to the Raspberry Pi via USB. We'd like to use the USB RFID for initializing EPC tag values into our database, and we'd like to use the Bluetooth RFID to read/overwrite existing tag values in the database.

Range is not a concern; we're using 902-928MHz because that's what the existing Bluetooth RFID reader is using. I'm trying to avoid using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO to reduce the learning curve for whoever will take over the project, though I can use GPIO as a last resort. Any suggestions would be great!

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