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Raspberry Pi Zero - Alarm Clock Components (LCD & Amp)

Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:09 am

So I'm in the process of developing a Raspberry Pi Alarm Clock but need some advice on the components that I should buy.

I'm using a Raspberry Pi Zero W to keep the size down but getting confused about how I'll attach the other components. I will need an LCD display to show the time, for this I have an Adafruit 7 Segment display. But I also need to get sound out of the Zero to play the alarm.

I've seen the following options:
HiFiBerry MiniAmp -
JustBoom Amp Zero -
AdaFruit Stereo Speaker Bonnet -

As far as I can tell the AdaFruit Bonnet is the only one that will allow me to easily access the GPIO after installation, there is an additional row of holes for GPIO, I'm assuming I could wire the LCD Connector and any other inputs to them.

Or I use an extension header, but not sure if the MiniAmp and AmpZero will support this.

The only other option, if it exists would be something like a GPIO Extension that would allow the pins to breakout on a separate circuit board. Ideally very small so that it would just sit on the GPIO Header.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero - Alarm Clock Components (LCD & Amp)

Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:04 pm

alternatively, find the smallest USB sound dongle you can find to eliminate worry about GPIO headers or bus conflicts?

i have the Adafruit bonnet, and it works well - very nice because of the built-in amp, but i also like the JST-4 header (i used a donor Grove sensor cable, and it works well) - i use it inside a US$1.67 plastic junction box on a spare Zero and small dongle, with a set of thrift-store Sony speakers for an Internet radio device (controlled by VNC) - i'll change over to Zero Ws when they become more available and the run of bad ones from production have left inventory...


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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero - Alarm Clock Components (LCD & Amp)

Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:37 am

I have an amp zero, It does support an extension header.
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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero - Alarm Clock Components (LCD & Amp)

Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:30 pm

you could use an hdmi to RCA cable, or converter box, that is if your lcd has any RCA jacks for Video, and you can use the audio leads for the sound, using the sound from the HDMI cable sounds the best way and also as stated before, to avoid conflicts with headers

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