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Re: big e-ink display, 7-inch or more

Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:56 am

RaTTuS wrote:
Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:22 am ... 4330P4JY15 this is the waveshare home on aliexpress for those who need to know
Thanks a lot, I bought this display and managed to make it work with the provided Python sample code, with the right cabling and libraries. It's quite simple to do (I did it), just requires patience.

I also managed to import and display my Google Keep Notes using a library provided online.

Now I'd like to actually display, not only one note, but many (4 to 8), so I would need 4 to 8 screens, but I will start with 2 only for the sake of testing.

So I've got a question: how can you multiplex many screens like that on the GPIO? I've seen SPI multiplexing is possible. Is it only that, or other info I'd need?

Here's the cabling :

VCC 3.3V
CS SPI chip select (Low active)
DC Data/Command control pin (High for data, and low for command)
RST External reset pin (Low for reset)
BUSY Busy state output pin (Low for busy)

Thank you guys again a lot. I remember I checked this thread few years ago, and there was no solution yet. And now I'm actually able to do it as I originally planned. Is it not great? :-)

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