Thinking of making a "Kneetop"

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by raymondillo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:29 pm
Just seen a great idea on this forum for a laptop. (LaPi?) Well done veryevil. I thought it was gr8.

Gave me pause for a little thought, for something not very useful but fun anyway.

For this recipe I will need :-
My wits :)
1 RasberryPi
1 large PC keyboard with numeric keypad (USB hub built in would be nice)
1 LCD/LED touchscreen to fit the space where the numeric keypad will be removed from.
Open up the keyboard
Remove the numeric pad
Fit the screen in the space
Connect the screen to the Pi
Fit the Pi in the keyboard with a slot for the SD card and plenty of ventillation.
Spend weeks sorting out all the "little" bugettes etc

Voila a kind of RasberryPi erm Kneetop

I'll get back to you all in a couple of months with a Pitotype!

For those of a delicate dispostion please note no Pi's will be hurt during this production.

Have this smile on me. :) Ray
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by therealeasterbunny » Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:28 am
Nice. Sounds like a wacky plan. Keep us posted! Very interested to see the end product.
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by clickykbd » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:37 pm
I've been thinking along those lines myself... but minus the display. As my username would suggest... the desire to stick a RasPi inside a Model-M is going to be hard to resist.

Many older full size keyboards do seem to have plenty of space for such insanity, I tore apart an old clacky Dell already to check... even extra room for a consumer USB->PS/2 adapter if need be.
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