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Fried my Pi

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:54 pm
by electronicman
I have finally got around to using the Gertboard I bought last year. I tried some of the tests and everything worked as expected, did not expect any problem with the board itself, only my ability to use the programming.

Then I got adventurous and tried modifying the LED program in RPI-GPIO so far so good, and the I tried the motor control program and found a motor that worked well. I then ran both the LED and Motor programs at the same time, and I had flashing lights and motor whirling.

The manual indicated that WiringPI might be better for the motor control, so I downloaded that and decided to try it. I do not know if there is a problem running both versions Python at the same time, but as soon as I pressed enter, the LED's flashed very briefly and the screen went blank and I saw the power led on the Pi looked very dim so I cut the power quickly.
Upon trying to reboot nothing happened but the Broadcom chip got very hot and the power led flickered so I let everything cool off for a while and tried again, same problem, so!.....I fried my Pi..

Since I have, or now had, four Pi's, I tried another one to make sure the Gertboard was not damaged, and it was not, so I now have to get another Pi.

Anybody else had a similar problem or is it just me?

Re: Fried my Pi

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:40 pm
by electronicman
More on this.
I also found out that the motor H bridge on the Gertboard is also dead, in fact it's a dead short to the pins that were connected to the GPIO, which is why the Pi burned out. 12 plus volts on 3.3 volt line does not help

I will be trying to replace the H bridge on the Gertboard shortly (no pun intended), and I noticed that the H bridge is rated for max 18 volts, so I will replace it with the same type but with one rated for 36 volts.