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Raspberry Pi + LCD 7"

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:34 am

Hi :)

While cleaning old things I've found an unused digital photoframe so I've thought "What if I put here the raspy?"


Well, fortunately it's a crappy photoframe so the space was not well engineered = a lot of space for the raspberry and all the other things I'll connect to it.

Good news
I've find out that the LCD is a 480x234px 7" Innolux AT070TN07 display, good enough for displaying some stats about it's work.

Bad news
To get the display working I need an AV Board, the model is UT-A720-N1, but unfortunately I can't find it without buying both (here)


Anyone maybe know how can I get one?

Plan B
If I can not find this AV Board I'll probably buy a better (but cheap) 7" display (with the AV Board included), anyone got any suggestion?


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Re: Raspberry Pi + LCD 7"

Wed May 29, 2013 7:20 pm

Well I got a 7" display from an asus eeepc 701 and AV board for it. I bought the AV board from Ebay. The quality on RCA is very very poor so i suggest buying some display that is got HDMI or RCA or VGA input included, the chinese ones are cheap but poor quality. Hope it helps and sorry for my bad english.

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