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Writing software that reads information from the TV HAT

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:26 pm
by Steve_Foden

I purchased a PI 3B together with a TV HAT as I have a project that needs to look at the MPEG2 headers to log specific information within them. I went for a PI as I hoped that it would be a relativity straightforward exercise to do this but having struggled for a couple of months then I would like to seek some guidance around this device.

Having done quite a lot of research, I have found the elements of the kernel that relate to the TV HAT (namely the CXD2880 drivers) but my attempt at updating the kernel on the PI to a higher version only ended up with the 'flashing cursor' and I have needed to rebuild the PI from NOOBs to get it back.

Therefore, I would be grateful please for any advice around this device and what is needed to be able to write some software (presumably in C?) which will allow access to the raw DVB Transport stream information that will be passing over the SPI interface once the device is tuned into a valid TV signal.

Kind regards