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Anyone combining an msata/m.2 adapter and RTC module? What case do you use?

Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:14 pm

Hi, I need to modify my installation of a Raspberry connected to a weather station and 3G modem at my parents' holiday home, and I need some help.

I want to add better storage than an SD card can provide, as they tend to die after a few months of writing.

Does anyone have any experience of the Lycom PI-102 msata-to-USB adapter they want to share? I've read about the boot/reboot problems with the X850 but haven't found much about the PI-102.

Also, has anyone combined the PI-102 with the Adafruit PiRTC (PCF8523) module? Does the RTC fit under the PI-102 (if the screw in that corner is omitted)?

Finally, any suggestions on a good case which will house this? Everything is indoors so aesthetics is kind of important (mom doesn't want a blinking circuit board in the room where I need to put this installation so I need a good case), weather-proofing is not.

Using a Pi 2 model B but willing to upgrade if necessary (Pi 3 seems like overkill for my usage scenario though).

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