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SleepyPi 2 + UPS PIco Compatibility

Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:31 pm

I am building a data logger for a remote location. I'm using the SleepyPi 2 to wake up my RPi every so often to log voltages of an external power source using an ADS. I also would like to have a battery backup option if possible which is why I'm also using the UPS PIco. Both HATs work individually, but I cannot boot my RPi with both connected. After looking into the details. I think both HATs use GPIO 22 hence the problem. However, per SleepyPi's documentation, I can easily disconnect GPIO 22 using a solder jumper.

https://spellfoundry.com/sleepy-pi/conn ... ansion-io/

I'm pretty unfamiliar with manipulating the hardware, but I'm willing to try. From my understanding here, all I need to do is remove the solder jumper for GPIO 22 on the SleepyPi to make this work? Is there a better way to do this? Can someone check me on my logic here? Here's the documentation for the UPS PIco if it's at all helpful.


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