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HAT form-factor graphical display driven from GPIO

Fri May 25, 2018 3:25 pm


I'd like to build a heating controller display, so a Pi with some sort of HAT form-factor graphical display would be ideal. A few hundred pixels across would be ample.

The trick is: I'm looking to write it in .NET Core, running on Raspbian, which means finding a screen that either:
  • Comes with a .NET class library. Unlikely, I realise!
  • Can be driven using GPIO without any other library dependencies, and is sufficiently documented that I could drive it using GPIO from .NET
Some sort of ePaper or eInk display would be ideal, but I'd consider anything that fulfils the above really.

I realise Python would be easier, because the displays will come with Python libraries... But I've a lot of experience in .NET so thought it might be fun to try.


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