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Grove pi nescesary for grove sensors?

Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:29 pm

Hello all,

I recently ordered a bunch of sensors and other stuff for my raspberry pi 3 without noticing that you can not plug anything directly on the raspberry.
So now i have the grove pir motion sensor aand the grove moisture sensor.
( i also have a featherboard relais)
Is it absolutele nescesairy to have the grove Pi to get it to work?
And is the grove pi any good, like they advertise, is it really easy to get stuff installed?

Thx a lot for any help,

Kind regards

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Re: Grove pi nescesary for grove sensors?

Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:21 am

This is Karan chiming in from Dexter Industries. We had built the GrovePi for exactly the reasons you have pointed out. It is a bit hard to connect sensors directly to the Pi because the logic level is 3.3V and it is just cumbersome to wire up and connect the sensors directly to the GPIO pins.

What the GrovePi gives you is, an easy to use interface to integrate 100+ sensors ( the Raspberry Pi with the same 4 pin connector so you don;t have to solder any cables. We also have a very active Github page( with sensor examples and projects in multiple languages and we have also built a custom image ( ... -software/) based on Raspbian Jessie which should make it pretty straightforward to getting started with the GrovePi and the Raspberry Pi.

We stand behind our products and have an active forum ( to help and collaborate with people who use our products and also have a lot of active projects and tutorials on our website too.

Feel free to ask any questions that you have.

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Re: Grove pi nescesary for grove sensors?

Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:52 pm


There is also a board made by SwitchDoc Labs called the Pi2Grover. It is quite a bit different than the GrovePi+ and is basically a level translation board for the Raspberry Pi so the Pi will work with Grove devices.

The big difference is that there is no Arduino processor between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove devices so you can use native Python and C drivers on the Raspberry Pi with no modifications.

I've used the Pi2Grover board and I have a GrovePi+ too.

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Re: Grove pi nescesary for grove sensors?

Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:21 pm

if you are looking into the raspberry pi plug and play I will suggest check out this video.
this video shows how you can connect hundreds plug and play device with raspberry just with a cable and all these devices use I2C communication.
so you can daisy chain. they also have I2C lib for most the sensors. All the hardware connect in the same way. they have devices like relay boards, PWM driver, sensors, thermocouples, industrial IO, raspberry Pi 4-20mA and so much.
There are few other companies who are building this kind of hardware. I will say this is the ideal hardware for schools kids, teachers, programmers, for prototyping etc.
Most of these products can be found over here.


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