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Fix for inverted Pimoroni stand for official Pi display

Tue May 24, 2016 2:07 pm

I have created a fix for the Pimoroni display stand for the official Raspberry Pi touchscreen. Unfortunately their stand has two issues: it turns the display upside-down and also makes it very difficult to access two of the USB ports. By replacing the stand legs, these issues and more are resolved:
  • Drop-in replacement.
    Turns the display right-way-up.
    Low BOM cost when 3D-printing, sturdy even with the most cost-effective materials (e.g. for two legs, £6 or less using a print hub).
    Raises the display with enough clearance for cables on the underside.
    Does not block any of the Pi's ports, thus large dongles and such can be plugged in.
The design is authored by myself and I am releasing it as public domain - feel free to do with it what you want :)

Note, when printing dimensions should be: Cm: 10.058 x / 5.464 y / 0.572 z -> taking 'z' as if laying the design flat on a table.
Inverted stand for Pimoroni Pi display case.stl.zip
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