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Battery RPi2+Servo hat & Picoborg reverse

Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:51 am

Just got my first Rpi and I am converting an old RC truck to a Cambot with it. To control the drive motors I hav a Picoborg reverse and a Battborg to take power from a 9.6v battery pack and deliver the required 5v to the Rpi. I also need to control several servos - pan & tilt etc. for this I got an Adafruit Servo Hat with a stacking header. I am concerned that the Servo Hat has an additional power supply requirement to support the servos but also seems to take power from the GPIO connection. The attached diagram shows how ideally I'd like things to connect.
The question is would power being supplied to the RPI bi the Battborg and perhaps the servo hat be a problem ?
The supplier of the Servo Hat doesn't know the answer and Adafruit 'don't provide support of any kind unless you buy direct from them. It isn't clear whether the servo hat sends power to the Rpi or just takes it.
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Cambot power schemeatic
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Re: Battery RPi2+Servo hat & Picoborg reverse

Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:43 am

For anyone facing the same problem the Adafruit Servo Hat does not back feed 5v to the Rpi. I solved my problem by using a 2nd Battborg to provide a 5v supply to the Servo Hat. Otherwise circuit is as shown in the diagram.

Now to crack controlling the servos!!

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