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Multiple Touchscreen Displays

Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:14 pm

Hi all,

I have done some searching and come up with no answer to this question. Can I run two touchscreen displays on a Pi4 b?

I’m retrofitting an old Porsche with the official Pi Touchscreen and where the radio would normally got I was going to put media controls in the form of micro tactile push switches and a rotary encoder. how ever if possible I would Much rather use a small touchscreen which would enable more interfacing capability.

I am not well versed in the Pi game yet but I understand that I can run two screens as is the touchscreen then an HDMI screen. So could the HDMI screen (if a touch screen) be configured like a touchpad? The only pins currently in use in my Pi are 5v & G, 1 and 5 I think.

Would anyone know if it’s possible?

Thanks Mike

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Re: Multiple Touchscreen Displays

Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:17 am

https://networks.guru/2018/11/23/using- ... on-ubuntu/

Should have the answer to your question; it's xlist and xrandr that do this for you. If one of the monitors is rotated you need to change the touch coordinate matrix for it as well.

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