Update to my witingPi library

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by gordon@drogon.net » Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:27 pm
Just a small update to it - it should work fine in a c++ environment and I've added in functionality to switch between wiringPi "pin" mode (arduino style) or native Pi GPIO mode - although to keep compatability with anything else, it defaults to the original "pin" mode.

The GPIO connector diagram has been updated too and accurately reflects the circuit diagram. Pin numbers remain the same.

The "gpio" program now has an extra flag -g to use GPIO pin numbering mode too.

Working on some photos for examples - soon!


Things on the board for the next release: Using the gpio program to export the right devices in /sys/class/gpio, and using the /sys/class/gpio devices rather than the direct memory access mechanism.


is a Raspberry Pi using the wiringPi libraries to bit-bang access to the SHT-15 temperature & humidity sensor, displaying the current temperature (in binary!) on 8 LEDs...

Feedback welcome.

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