Triklits - RGB Addressable LED strip (TTL)

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by ut666 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:20 pm
Hi all,

I bought back in 2007 a strip of these Triklits:
to have learn/play with microcontrollers etc.... I am definitely more software than hardware...

I would love to drive these with a raspberrypi. The lights are addressable by a TTL level data signal, if I understood correctly..
see the External Control section,

And the protocol is nicely defined here:

Also maybe of interest is the control box, which i want to completely bypass:

I just want to interface directly to the strip via the 9v, data and ground wires...

Now I seek advice from the more hardware experienced people, and would like some help with the circuit I need to build in order to achieve this, since there is 9v-12v involved I don't want to fry my beloved pi....

Software wise tips welcome too, fyi I'm very comfortable with Python & C++.
Hardware wise, I've driven switches, RGB leds (pwm) and done an IR reciever/transmitter (for home automation) with my pi, so extreme beginner, be gentle :)

Anyway any help to get me started would be great,
thanks in advance!

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