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Miss the 1st key press event when BLE Keyboard wakeup

Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:04 pm

Hi Masters,
I find a tricky problem when we connect a BLE keyboard with Raspberry. Ok, let's discript it with detail:
1、I am working on raspberry zero W with my project. And the os version is (get it using uname -a):

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Linux raspberrypi 4.19.58+ #1245 Fri Jul 12 17:20:08 BST 2019 armv6l GNU/Linux
2、I code a nrf52832 as a keyboard. For saving power, I let it to sleep 10s later after a key is pressed.

After raspi connect with keyboard. keyboard can get the press event.
But after keyboard wakeup from sleep, it can not get the first keypress event.

I test it in windows, It also have this problem. It is because nrf52 soft reset from wakeup and miss the press event. So I find a way to get the soft wakeup event. And sent the key after wakeup. It work in windows but not good for raspberry pi.

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