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Need help to use RPi CM3 / CM3+ DSI output

Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:00 pm

Dear All,

I have read through all the posts in the forums and want to know how to use the DSI port in the Raspberry PI to drive my 2 lane MIPI LCD. There are some old posts that say that it is not possible and that we need to reverse engineer the firmware to support any aftermarket DSI but I want to know the current status.. My Display is just 640x480 2 Lane MIPI and I really want to use it.. May I request some help and guidance from anyone in the forum.

I do not posses much knowledge on how to recompile a vc4 firmware but I want to have hardware acceleration. Is it possible that someone can do it for me if I give them the datasheet of the display? I can pay them for this support if this is dooable.

Please help me out!

Kind Regards,

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