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Newbie with RN2483 (LoRa)

Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:54 pm

Hi to all, I shame very much to ask this but I can't understand how LoRa works....

I bought a couple of RN2483 modules.
I can set frequency, band, and so on, and I can correctly make transmission point-to-point using "mac pause" disabling LoRaWAN.
1) When I send packet, is it send broadcast to all devices?

I would like to use LoRaWAN to connect several end points to one central point.
I would like to set parameters on every device (on file), avoiding to insert them manually.
If I correctly understand I should use APB connection but I'm very confused about DevEUI, DevAddr, AppEUI, NwKSKey, AppSKey, and so on.
I'm confused about parameters ALL modules need to share, and different parameters every node needs to have different from each other.
I suppose all examples I found about RN2483 are for end node but not for central point.....
I'm very confused.
Are there examples about setting BOTH RN2483 central point and end nodes?

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