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Switching from SPI1 to SPI0

Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:23 pm

I have a raspberry pi zero wired to display on a small OLED screen for use with retropie. The screen runs and displays correctly. I am using SPI1 pins for the screen, but was told that I if I wanted to add a I2S Amplifier to send sound from the pi zero to a speaker, then I'd have to rewire the OLED screen to the SPI0 pins and wire the I2S Amp to the SPI1 pins. Is this my only option? And if so, what software changes would I need to make in order to get the screen to run on SPI0 and the Amp on SPI1?

I am a noob at software changes on retropie image, and I just used a copy of someone elses premade image for this project so anything helps thanks! :)

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