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Interfacing to MiniPCI-e USB devices?

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:23 pm
by Killertechno
Hi to all,
some devices are build in MiniPCI-e form factor (such Quectel UC20 modem): there are USB and UART pins for interfacing, SIM pins and power supply pins present on MiniPCU-e pinout.

So I suppose (just about USB) I can connect USB terminals to USB connector of Raspberry (don't take care about power supply pins for a while).

This is for specific device such as Quectel board.

About generic devices (such WiFi cards in MiniPCI-e form factor) I've read USB pinout is non a standard, so some motherboards have USB bus on MiniPCI-e connector, some not, at the same way some cards has got USB pins, some not.

So, anyone tried to connect MiniPCI-e wireless card (with USB terminals) to Raspberry USB port?