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[USB] USB hub in daisy chain, disadvantages?

Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi to all, I try to open a new discussion due it's slightly different from previous daisy chain topics....
I need to create a device using Pi (conventional or CM) with standard design expansion boxes.
I need all expansion boxes with same case and standard connectors, obviously with different functions, to be assembled upon customer requests.

I was thinking to place power supply connector (+12Vdc) for board power supply, then use USB bus for these reasons:
1) standard bus (I can create many boards with different functions) where I can easily find USB to serial/ethernet/Wifi and so on adapter
2) I can create a standard bus design using 2 port USB hub controller (upstream port connected to Pi or to previous expansion box, first downstream port for my application, second downstream port for optional box).

About placing 6/8 USB hub controllers in daisy chain instead single 8 port USB hub..... there could be some kind of trouble?

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