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[ISSUE] PICAN2 using LibsocketCAN

Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:44 am

Dear All

First, Please understand that my English is not good enough.
I bought PICAN2 Sub-board that I use a raspberry-pi.
And I use libsocketcan library.

While developing, I have some difficult refer to CAN ERROR related problem.
- As I know, I try to transmit when the can line open able to know to occur CAN ACK-Error.
Based on can spec CAN Message keep trying until Ack frame receive other line.
I expect to continue to occur that error call-back(CAN_ERR_FLAG).
But, Now occur error call-back(CAN_ERR_FLAG) only twice.
Other controller(SJA1000) occur error call-back continuously.

Please let me know related anything.
thanks :D :D :D

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