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[SOLVED] Wiegand Reader - Falling edge

Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:17 am

I'm having a bit of an issue. I'm trying to integrate a ProxPro HID RFID Reader. It outputs using the Wiegand protocol. Data0, Data1, Ground. 5V on Data0 and Data1. I use a voltage divider for each channel to drop the voltage down to about 3.1V (330k and 560k resistors in the dividers).

I hook up my picoscope and I can see the data pulses exactly as I would expect them. Both channels dropping from 5V to 0V for each bit.

Now to hook them up to my Raspberry Pi. ... ew-default

Is the code I am trying to use.

I hooked up Data0 to Pin 8, BCM 14, WiringPi 15.
I hooked up Data1 to Pin 10, BCM 15, WiringPi 16.

My problem is that I can read the bits from Data0 (the 0's) just fine, but not Data 1's.

To trouble shoot I hooked up my scope to the circuit again (leaving the raspberry pi connected).

I could see that Data0 is properly dropping from a constant 5V to 0 V for each 0 bit.

however, Data1 was only dropping from 3.1V to about 2.8V for each 1 bit. If I disconnected Data1 from the Raspberry Pi, the voltage would drop to 0 for each 1 bit again.

I'm guessing that this lack of significant voltage drop is why I'm not able to catch the falling edge on Data1.

Any guidance?
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Re: Wiegand Reader - Falling edge

Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:14 am

Found it.

I'm using the Raspbian Pi 3 Model B, that may make a difference for this, I don't know.

That being said, serial has been disabled by editing /boot/cmdline.txt.

But what I found out, was that it was the pull up/down resistor on WiringPi 16 pin. It was defaulting to pull-up. Pin 15, was defaulting to no resistor. When I changed the resistor to Pin 16 to none, it operated as expected. So I simply added the following to the setup function:

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    pullUpDnControl(d0pin, PUD_OFF);
    pullUpDnControl(d1pin, PUD_OFF);
Just adding this to see if it will help anyone else in the future.

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