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LED/Lighting Control?

Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:11 am

I'd like to control some outdoor lights (on, off, dim) with a Pi but I am not sure about the best way to do it. I would prefer to use a wired connection instead of wireless. I have seen some modules that will let a Pi/microcontroller adjust AC power to dim bulbs but since I prefer LEDs for power consumption I am worried about flicker if I use one of those AC dimmer units.

Since I am looking at LEDs, are there any DC LEDs that would be bright enough to use in outdoor lighting? My preference is 500-800 lumens (10-14W LED).

An ideal setup for me would be a DC LED (or series of LEDs in the same fixture) that I could completely control with a Pi, flicker free. RGB would be a bonus, but isn't required.


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Re: LED/Lighting Control?

Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:33 am

There are lots of standard 117V AC LED bulbs that work with dimmers and draw very low current but are amazingly bright. Just be sure that when you buy them, you insist on "dim-able" bulbs...not all are. You don't need to mess with an RPi or coding for that. There are some DC LEDs that have 1000 lumen output and work on 3.7 volt Li Poly batteries. Google or the duck are your friends.

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