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Interfacing Rsspberry PI to old Mac Plus monitor

Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:57 pm

I have an old Mac Plus kicking around here, with a dead motherboard. I'd like to use it for the case for a Raspberry PI system. There's plenty of examples of that on the web already, but they all replace the 9 inch monitor with an LCD screen. If it is at all possible (even in not all that practical ) I'd like to use the PI system to drive the monitor that's in it.

The Mac Plus display doesn't use standard timing, so I reckon I'll need to be able to emit pixel data at 15.6672 MHz, Vsync occurs at 22.25 KHz, and Hsync occurs at 60.15 Hz.

Does this sound doable with a Raspberry PI? I'd appreciate any pointers about the best way to proceed.

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