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IP-Bus to GPIO Idea (Control Pi with Car Head Unit?)

Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:50 am

Hi guys, I've got an idea but no idea how to implement it. I'm currently using a Pioneer DEH P6900UB head unit, it's a single DIN CD player with multiple input/outputs.

At first I thought maybe I could connect to it with the USB, which is used for iPods and USB Flash media playback, but I highly doubt that will be possible.

Now I have the idea of using the IP Bus, which is able to control a variety of different things (but only with the official and expensive adapters of course!). This includes TV Tuners, XM Satelite, Sirius, Bluetooth/phones, Multi Disc Changers, etc. Basically, I could then buy a non-touch screen (save money) and use the up/down/left/right/push-in features of the "Multi Control" to navigate menus

I've been trying to search out how to interface with the IP Bus, and it's fairly easy to find the schematics.
(This isn't my HU, but it should be the same pinout)

I also found this:

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone's done this yet, but I feel like the RPi might be the device that can crack it.

If it's impossible it's not the end of the world, but I just think it would be really excellent to be able to do this.

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